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San Teodoro is located at the northeastern part of Sardinia and about 28 km south of Olbia; and in 2005 won the coveted tourism trophy. It rests on the rugged granite of the Gallura, and continues toward the white limestone of Baronia. The municipality of San Teodoro stretches 37 km from north to south along the magnificent Tyrrhenian Sea and brings with it stunning white sand beaches and one of the most extraordinary coastlines Sardinia has to offer. San Teodoro is heralded by its fantastic lagoon Stagno San Teodoro which is inhabited by a large number of flamingoes and fish. To the southwest is Mount Nieddu which closes the Gallura and stands at 971 meters above sea level. It’s a beautiful and wild mountain filled with flora and fauna and with a little luck one catch a glimpse of the golden eagle.

During the summer months, San Teodoro comes alive with vacationers from all over the island who want to dip their toes in the crystal clear water and to sample some of the local delicacies like: suppa gaddhurèsa (a typical casserole made with Pane Carasau (a flatbread), a rich beef or lamb broth, pecorino cheese, black pepper, more pecorino cheese and parsley); local honey and mirto (a local digestive made from the myrtle berries). San Teodoro is also a paradise for sporting activities such as: kite-surfing, surf, water-skiing, snorkeling, golf, mountain biking and hiking.

Until 1970 San Teodoro retained an economy exclusively linked to pastoral work and fishing, but with the boom of touristic Costa Smeralda and Porto Rotondo which helped to give life to the surrounding towns that also benefited from tourism. Invested by this sudden surge of the tourist market, enterprising locals rolled up their sleeves and redeveloped a new version of San Teodoro, by building custom low-lying country homes with materials such as granite and stones from the surrounding landscape, and in keeping with the natural colours of the Mediterranean the homes are painted in soft pastel colours, a stunning contrast to the bright blue sky and azure water.

The Beaches

The fantastic sandy beaches belonging to this area begin at Capo Ceraso to the north and finish just south of San Teodoro. Arriving from Olbia take the S.S 125 south, it passes through the village of Vaccileddi and at the center of town is a roundabout for the beautiful Cala Girgolu.

Cala Girgolu Beach – Spiaggia Cala Girgolu

Cala Girgolu is a small beach and is famous for the windswept rock formation of The Turtle – La Tartaruga. To reach the striking granite rock is a twenty minute hike along the coast. The hike to Turtle Rock is charming, and along the way are small, cozy beaches which face the enchanting islands of Tavolara and Molara. In 1993, the rock was beheaded by disrespectful tourists as swimmers and people of all ages looked on. The rock was restored to its original splendor, but again was disfigured by unknown assailants in 1997.

After passing the village of Monte Petrosu, to the left is the sign for Capo Coda Cavallo, the islands closest point to Molara Island where one can find the small village of Punta Est. At the foot of Punta Est is a sandy shore that is not very beautiful to the eye, but the water is exceptionally green. This area is part of the Natural Park of Tavolara and Capo Coda Cavallo which falls in the municipalities of: Olbia, Loiri Porto San Paolo and San Teodoro. The Natural Park of Tavolara begins at Capo Ceraso at the north and finishes at San Teodoro. The symbol of this area is Tavolara Island with its limestone face and towering presence it certainly stands out amongst the granite rock of The Gallura.

Cala Brandinchi Beach - Spiaggia Cala Brandinchi

Known as “little Tahiti” for the glorious color of the water it is slightly south of Capo Coda Cavallo. Cala Brandinchi is an exceptional bay with shallow, crystal clear water, fine sand, sand dunes and pine trees. It’s an excellent swimming spot for families and children of all ages. Cala Brandinchi is 700 meters long and placed in the Top 10 Beaches of Italy several times. This beach is excellent for walks, kayaking, pedal boating and snorkeling. Facilities offered are: parking, restaurants and bar, beach rentals.

Returning to the winding S.S 125 and continuing south for a few kilometres is the village of Lu Fraili, where one will find the entrance to the village Puntaldia, which is famous of its golf course.

Lu Impostu Beach – Spiaggia Lu Impostu

Lu Impostu beach is the third largest beach of San Teodoro at 1000 meters. Lu Impostu is a long, narrow strip of warm white sand and offers exceptional views of Capo Coda Cavallo and Tavolara Island. Stagno (pond) di San Teodoro sits just behind Lu Impostu, and it is here where the elegant flamingoes come to dine and dance. There are few facilities here with the exception of parking and a few beach huts that sell ice cream, however, at the south end of the beach is a seafood restaurant and a few shops.

East of Lu Impostu beach is a dirt road that leads to Punta Altora at 340 meters above sea level. It is a great diversion from the beaches and where one can get an amazing panoramic of the surrounding area.

La Cinta Beach – Spiaggia della Cinta

La Cinta Beach is one of the longest beaches in northeast Sardinia at 3.2 km and is located at the end of the village. It is one of the most popular and peculiar beaches on the island; peculiar because of the narrow strip of land that separates the beach from Stagno di San Teodoro – The Pond of San Teodoro and the Tyrrhenian Sea. To the west there are frolicking flamingos and to the east are vacationers strolling, swimming or snorkeling in the warm water. The beach is ideal for long romantic walks or a morning jog. It is surrounded by white sand dunes and boasts shallow waters which are perfect for families. Nearby are bars, restaurants, beach chair rentals, camping and a kitesurfing school.

Cala d’Ambra Beach – Spiaggia Cala d’Ambra

At the edge of town and just 2 km south of La Cinta is the small and cozy beach of Cala d’Ambra. Frequented by tourists and locals alike it offers 700 meters of pristine pebbled beach (shoes recommended for walking) and warm inviting waters for diving, snorkeling, canoeing and windsurfing. Cala d’Ambra is a family friendly beach and has an excellent view of Tavolara Island. There are plenty of facilities available like: camping, restaurants, bars, parking and beach rentals.

At the south end of the beach, in the town of Niuloni is the Museum of Sea Civilization – Il Museo della Civilità where they have eight tanks with a variety of interesting sea life and formations.

Isuledda Beach – Spiaggia Isuledda

Southwest of Cala d’Ambra is La Cinta’s twin sister, Isuledda Beach. The beach has light coloured sand with specks of pink coral and is 400 meters long and is great spot for snorkeling, beach walks and catching a Sardinian sunset. It’s a unique and beautiful beach set inside a small cove with clear, shallow water. There is small bar which offers inexpensive food and drink. Beach chair and umbrella rentals are available.

San Teodoro Nightlife

On a warm summer’s night in the heart of San Teodoro at Piazza Gallura the square explodes with colourful life with live music, local vendors selling locally made goods, amazing cocktail bars, a series of fantastic pizzerias and a few night clubs that keep San Teodoro pumping with music all though the night.
Points of interest

  • The Museum of Sea Civilization – Il Museo della Civilità at Niuloni
  • The Turtle Rock – La Tartaruga at Cala Girgolu
  • The Lagoon of San Teodoro – Stagno di San Teodoro
  • Monte Nieddu – Mount Nieddu
  • Town center of San Teodoro
  • The Mediterranean Garden – Il Giardino della macchia mediterranea on the coast of Montipitrosu near Capo Coda Cavallo

Useful numbers
Tourist Office of San Teodoro
Piazza Mediterraneo 1
Tel: +39 (078) 486-5767
Fax: +39 (078) 486-5767
Email: info@santeodoroturismo.com
Web: www.santeodoroturismo.com

The Marine Protected Area of Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo
Via Dante, Olbia
Tel: +39 (078) 920-3013
Web: www.amptavolara.it

The Museum of Sea Civilzation
Niuloni, San Teodoro
Tel: +39 (078) 486-6010

Camping Services
Via Gramsci
Tel: +39 (078) 486-5391

Via Bologna, San Teodoro
Emergency Telephone: 112
Tel: +39 (078) 486-5722

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