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Budoni (pop. 4000 in the winter season) is a picturesque treasure located on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, and is situated between the towns of: San Teodoro to the north and Posada to the south. All three towns sit on the S.S 125; the long artery of roadway that connects the eastern part of Sardinia from Cagliari to the south to Olbia to the north. Budoni is a colourful seaside resort town which boasts and influx of 70,000 people during the summer months and can be found in the province of Olbia-Tempio. It boasts an 18km magnificent coastline along the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and it’s during spring and summer when Budoni fully comes alive with colour. Budoni is unique in its contrasting appeal of beautiful green, rugged, flat and lush Mediterranean terrain to the sandy white beaches that encompass the town. In 1998 the 2nd AIDA World Championships Free Diving was hosted at Budoni and Italian Umberto Pelizarri won with a shocking 60m dive, leaving free divers (at the time) astonished.
Budoni is not just an inviting turquoise dazzling sea and white-sandy beaches; it is unique in its appeal of how it’s situated on a flat area, and the territory surrounding Budoni is hilly and sparsely populated, a stunning contrast that can only be seen to be believed. There are a few small towns around Budoni that were developed in the last century. The life and traditions associated with these types of settlements are heavily linked to yearly events that take place in the summer months at Budoni. The most popular festival is held each August and is called Ferragosto Budonese.
The closest beach to Budoni is just meters from the town center and is appropriately named Cala di Budoni (Budoni’s Cove). Cala di Budoni has soft white sand, limpid azure waters, and four kilometers of a breathtaking glamorous cove. Cala di Budoni is surrounded by a lush green pine forest, small dunes, and two brackish (sea & fresh water) ponds: Stagno Morto (Dead Pond) and Stagna di Santa Ana (Santa Ana’s) Pond. It is a family friendly beach with many water activites such as: snorkeling, windsurfing and scuba diving. There are also plenty of restaurants and shops in the vicinity.
Budoni excels with its top class accommodations, hotels and tourist villages, inviting restaurants, ice cream parlours and a world-class beach that will warm every beach bum, suit every palate and satisfy every sweet tooth.
Other popular beaches can be found in the coastal town of Porto Ottiolu. The port is well equipped with close to 450 moorings and there are many services offered such as: camping, surf and pedal boat rentals, full-service bar, restaurants, day and night lounges, ice cream parlours and parking.
If arriving from the south it is not recommended to take the eastern coastal road, unless you want to journey on an adventure full of inhabited places, towns with no settlements, and a landscape less diversified but no doubt still impressive.
Arriving from Cagliari the best route to take is the S.S 131 to Abbassanta, then follow the signs to the right, to Nuoro, continuing on the S.S 131, and going up to Budoni.
Other towns that belong to the territory of Budoni are: Argrustos (2,32 km), Baia Sant'Anna (4,43 km), Berruiles (5,71 km), Birgalavo' (3,52 km), Limpiddu (1,30 km), Luddui (4,09 km), Luttuni (2,00 km), Lutturai (5,65 km), Maiorca (4,56 km), Malamuri' (3,34 km), Matta e Peru (6,05 km), Muriscuvo' (2,31 km), Nuditta (6,29 km), Ottiolu (4,15 km), Pedra e Cupa (-- km), S'Iscala (2,46 km), San Gavino (2,91 km), San Lorenzo (3,66 km), San Pietro (3,5 km), San Silvestro (1,5 km), Solita' (2,50 km), Strugas (7,38 km), Su Linalvu (0,7 km), Tamarispa (5,18 km), Tanaunella (2,66 km). Linalvu (0,7 km), Tamarispa (5,18 km), Tanaunella (2,66 km).
The numbers in parentheses following each village name indicate the distance between the same village and the town of Budoni.

Useful numbers:

Tourist Association Pro Loco “Riviera del Sole”
Via Nazionale 202 – 08020 Budoni (Gallura)
Telephone: +39 (078) 484-4050
Email: info@prolocobudoni.it or prolocobudoni@tiscali.it

Town of Budoni
Piazza Giubileo
Telephone: +39 (078) 484-4007
Fax: +39 (078) 484-4420

Public Library
Piazza Giubileo
Telephone: +39 (078) 484-3014

Tourist Medical Services
Budoni on Via Mannironi
Tanaunella on Via pineta S. Anna
Telephone: +39 (078) 484-3021

Budoni: Via A. Segni. Telephone: +39 (078) 484-4014
Ottiolu: Piazza del Porto. Telephone: +39 (078) 484-6497
Tanaunella: Via Agamennone. Telephone: +39 (078) 483-7138

Via Nazionale, Budoni. Telephone: +39 (078) 484-4023

Post Office
Via Nazionale, Budoni. Telephone: +39 (078) 484-4029

Carabinieri (Police Station)
Via Campania, Budoni. Telephone: +39 (078) 484-4122

Via Trento, Budoni. Telephone: +39 (078) 484-4036


Coast Guard
Numero blu – Blue Number – Telephone: 1530

Port Ottiolu
Telephone: +39 (078) 484-6205

LOCAL FARMER’S MARKET – every Wednesday morning
Piazza Mercato
Via Oristano

Worth Visiting:

  • Nuraghe Conca ‘e Bentu
  • Coastal brackish ponds
  • The Church of San Giovanni Battista
  • Old Farmhouse (Stazzi) of San Pietro

Surrounding Areas:

Orizzonte Casa Sardegna - Budoni

Orizzonte Casa Sardegna - Budoni

Via De Gasperi, 18 Budoni, 07051 Budoni ( SS )

  • Ufficio: +39 07841896176
  • Mobile: +39 3932364058
  • Fax:


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